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Q:  How long will it take to get my Fiancée K-1, Spouse or K-3 Visa?

A:  Processing times for K1 visas vary depending on what state you live in. For both the K1 and K3, the wait time can be a few months to a year. No firm can guarantee a time. However, in the past we used the Direct Consular Filing as a tool to expedite this process. Our time record from petition and visa is 40 days.

Q:  Do you guarantee I will get a visa?

A:  Yes, We guarantee that your visa will be issued or your money back.

Q:  How do our prices compare?

A:  Immigration law is a complex area of the law. We do not want to be the biggest but the best. Our prices are fair and competitive.

Q:  Can you help with translations?

A:  Yes, our staff helps our clients in Russia and in the United States with translation. We also have a Russian and Spanish speaking attorney on staff in our United States office.

Q:  When should I start the process?

A:  We recommend that you should contact us as soon as possible, ways to help you now, ask us.

Q:  Can my fiancée get a Tourist Visa?

A:  This is possible, but not recommended because your fiancée will be applying for a non-immigrant visa and not an immigrant visa. This can pose serious problems for her later.

Q:  Do I have to marry my fiancée once they come to the United States?

A:  No you are not requihred to marry your fiancée, but you must marry her within 90 days or she will be deported.

Q:  Our References?

A:  We will be happy to give references of our past clients. We would ask that your fiancée speak to the spouses of our clients they should not be overlooked in this process.

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